Saturday, September 20, 2008
U really think I overnight??!!!! Haha!!!! No lah!!!

At last I made my cookies for Hari Raya!!! Had even did all the orders. Slept at 3.30am and now am at work!!!! Stoink!

So many things to settle on my desk and all the 'rubbish' was lifted up to the empty desks yesterday as our MD had ordered us to call someone to clean our office carpet. Wanna finish all my jobs by today but still.... I think I'll be at home sleeping if all my tasks had been done right? Which of cos never will..... haha!!!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Being all confuse
She is all confuse now. She had this dream before. Everything is like a 'deja-vu'. She never thought that this thing will really happen. Now that he left her with their kids. No amount of words will save it back. Maybe they had reach to the point of no return.

He is the one who plays a part in her making that decision. All he think was himself and no others. Not even his own kids. 'It had broken since Jan' he said. She is confuse all over again. What is their mistake? She had forgiven him times and again and again he erred. He made empty promises and she was taken in.

Now, everything will be over. Pityness goes only to their child......
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Monday, September 15, 2008
She and You
When she had given up on you, what did you do? Beg her for you to stay. Beg her to forgive you. Beg her not to leave you.
When she had given you chances, what did you do? Neglect her feelings, dun listen to her advices, dun spend time with her, blaming her in all your mistakes, argue with her when she points out your fault. Never did once you say sorry.
When she cry and ask you to let her go, what did you say? You still want to be with her. But its too late. She had already knew what's in your mind.

You dun nid a wife but a maid.
You dun nid companion but just acquaintance.

She had thought to just forget it and move on but you're the one who had ruined it all. Now, she is broken to the point of no return. Faraway, shall she go. Away from you, away from your nonsense and empty promises.

Goodbye, she will say.

For she had done enuf for you and your family.......
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