Saturday, February 26, 2011
My tears
It falls again... more frequently now...

Am I hurt? Should be.. dats y it falls.. it falls again...

My heart, are you here to be hurt? I hope not but why do you always proves me right? Dat you are here to be hurt... :'(

That smell on dat day and suddenly dat msg? How do you expect me to feel?

Oh yes! I forgot... Am sorry. I dun have the right, isn't it? But why do you want everything to be coupled? Why? My heart, you're bleeding again. I am sorry dat i did not take good care of you.

I think I can't take care of anything and dats y my happiness are shortlived. I am to blame isn't it? But this is me. I am not perfect. I'm just human. I just want to be love.

Mom told me that she never seen someone who really loves me. Sad as it is, but I have to agree.


Was msging him while typing dis blog. My heart stop. He did it again. I know it is coming.

U... if you dun wanna meet me, just say so. Dun need to beat around the bush cos I hate it. Calling her 'dear' justify everything on why you are acting this way. Tqs so much.. Thank you for giving me so much happiness and hopes.... just to dash everything at one time.

It hurts and I'm crying on every intervals.

My dearest heart, I need you. Can you be numb again? It hurts. I can't breathe. Please be numb again. I dun want to be in love again. It really hurts. Let me be love by someone whom I love if you really need love and please tell that someone to be true to me cos I can't trust anyone anymore.. No one... and trusting no one hurts as well. It makes me live in fear.

U... aku menjadi jijik dgn perkataan itu. Mungkin mulai dari sekarang, aku takkan sebut perkataan itu lagi. Mungkin... :'(
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