Wednesday, January 19, 2011
I tried very hard to act cool. It is difficult.. really.. But it seems that you notice it. Can see that you tried to assure me but still my dear.. I can't help but still hurt by the way u act. For example, I asked you regarding the movie vouchers which will expire end of this month and you gave me one kind of look. I hate that look but I pretend not to see it cause you are messaging 'someone'. I do not know who but just 'someone'. I dun have the right to ask you, dun I? Who am I to you?

When we sing, you kept looking at me. Did you know that those songs are for you. When I sang that 'friendship' song, u look at me and put ur hand on my leg... I felt the love.. it was like you're actually telling me dat we are not just friends and I suddenly got scared.. What if I felt wrongly?

My dear, am beginning to have doubts. Can you just hug me and tell me that everything gonna be alright between us?

I really wish you do... Or am I asking for too much from you?

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