Friday, August 06, 2010
From me, with love....
Kekadang, aku rasa sungguh berdosa kerna kau masih bukan milikku.
Kekadang, aku rasa sungguh sedih kerna aku rasa aku tidak pernah buat kau ketawa
Tidak pernah ku katakan bahwa cinta itu sempurna
Cinta itu tak pernah sempurna tetapi ia akan menjadi sempurna jika kita usaha da ikhlas tapi tidak ku ucapkan semua itu kepadamu...

Ku digauli rasa salah namun tak ingin ku hentikan kerna bersamamu aku merasa, aku pantas bahagia.

We never did say those words out but why are we like this? I miss you so much when we never meet and I dunno why. We can't and not suppose to know the reason why now, can we?

I think I had fallen each and every time we meet. Can you tell me the reason why? At times, I blame myself. I forgot the only reason that I survive till today. I am just tired. Tired of everything that happens in my life. Can you take me away from this life? I dun wanna lead this kind of life. I wanna so much to be with you since years ago. Why are we not together at the first place? Why the hell did you choose her and why did I choose him? On the same year? It is too much of a coincidence isn't it? Why is my life so full of coincidence? So full of shit...

I dun ask for you to give me all your love but can you at least love me just 10% of how u loved her before???

I really wish you can.... :'(
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