Thursday, June 24, 2010
Isn't it suppose to be the best month for me? Why do I receive the letter now? I do not want to meet you. At least, not now.. Don't enter my life and ruin it when I am happy now.

I just informed myself that when I am sad, I have to remember that I was once happy and right now, when I am happy, I have to remember of the times where I suffer so that I will appreciate this happiness but then the letter came along and ruined it.

I hate you but I do not have the strength to hate you. I want to revenge but I got no more strength to do that. I want you to feel how I felt but even then, I pity you. Thinking if you can cope with things. Thinking of you having to spent inside there. It hurts but have you ever appreciate what I am feeling now? Knowing you, you just don't...
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