Wednesday, May 19, 2010
In a few hours time....
In 19 hours time darling, you will fly off. I really hope that you will msg me before ur gone. Darling, I gonna miss you lots. I msg you today but you did not reply. Are you really sincere with me?

Darling, I had been a fooled for all my life and I do not want to be fooled by you. Just when I was about to forget about you; when I had made up my mind to forget about u, why did you message me? My beloved darling... why do you do this to me?

My darling, I miss you a lot but I just have to bite into it and endure this. It is adding to the scar and I am trying to erase it. Just like you promise to msg me, I promise to forget you. You told me that if you never msg me, that would mean that you would never be back. I will remember that darling. My prayers will always be with you.

Darling, I do not want to lose another friend. Please come back safely. You're the only friend whom I care dearly. Whatever others might think, you are my dearest friend.
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