Thursday, April 22, 2010
I think I am MIA again... yet again...

Out of no reason, I could just cry. Went to ST12 concert with my sis and when they sing that song; that particular song, I told her that I like the song and that the song always make me feel like crying. It is about a person who do not want the other half to change as he still wants to keep the good memories together.

It is just like my story with him...

Loving him with lots of patience. Hoping everyday that he won't hurt me. Loving him so much but only if he knew how much I loved him. I won't say that I had forgotten about him neither could I say that I still love him. I dunno.... What I know is that I still cry thinking of what he had done. I cried that my life turns this way and I cried that I lost one person after another. I cried that he is so heartless to me and our daughter. In fact, I cried about everything.... and I still do....
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