Monday, December 07, 2009
Love vs Hatred
You called. We chat for almost the whole time during office hours until oppa noticed dat we are close. I tried my best not to look at you but you were just so close.. too close to me... my heart beats faster everytime you are close. It stop when you stare right into my eyes. Why did you play with my heart? Why is it you of all others? Why and when did I ever fall for you?

You told me it was rejected. You called and told me and there are witnesses. Why the hell did you deny it?! If she don't trust me dat much, I could have lost my job! My dear, you had trifled with the wrong person. Yes I admit dat I do like you but as much as I love you, you betrayed me professionally but still wish to talk to me like a friend does. As much as I don't mix work and personal but you are both and I can't do the exceptional. You are cruel!

You called me the next day and ask if I am alright. You bet I am! You ruined the previous day and you asked if I am okay?! What kind of question is dat? Now, I don't wanna talk to you anymore.

I am just glad dat I have other engineers and surveyors who understand me well and now, I spend my time with them trying to understand their expectations and needs in the company. We seldom meet now and surprisingly, I don't miss you as much as I thot I would. Maybe, cause this feelings are fading away.

I have a selfish wish J....... I wish that you could love me the way I am and it's been a long time since you ask me till today, you pop the sentence. I just smile... what else can I do....

It is nothing but a selfish wish which could never come true....
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