Saturday, November 14, 2009
What should I say? How should I feel? I like yesterday morning... begin to hate afternoon till evening time but I feel great at night and I hate this morning, afternoon no feelings at all and right now am tired and sleepy and maybe tonight I can't sleep because I am excited of tomorrow's picnic.

How should I really feel right now? I smell of J everywhere. I like last night seriously. I just wish the time will stop and he called me tonight and as usual, make it as though want to talk about office work. But it was a missed call and I call back and he asked if I am fine now. When he sent me back yesterday, he told me to forget what happen in the day. I just smile.

You are such a jerk. I am suppose to forget about you but why; why can't I? I have to run away from you. I have to... Please allow me to......
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