Monday, November 02, 2009
After I know everything....
What did I do? I let mistakes get in the way. What am I thinking? Why do I want someone who got another? I really dunno. Is it my inferiority complex that it feels good when he chose me over her? I am glad though that I still stick to my principle that I won't get any near to someone's husband. Although yea a 'J' has and will always been labelled as a bad person but I won't do it. I know I am a good 'J'... hehe....

Anyway, yea... I was thinking why he can't let me go. Why he kept holding me back. Why is it so difficult for us to be separated. If he really loves me, why he chose her but still won't let me go? I am so confuse. He ask me two days later on why I went back without telling him. I did. I really did tell him but he don't know. Too tired to know, maybe. Did he find me the next day? I did not ask. The truth. Every truth that he told me; hurts me. Therefore, don't tell me anything. Just as how you never want me to explain, I don't want you to explain either though yea I always explained on every other day cause I can see the hurt in your eyes. You kept blurting your hurts but shut it the next minute. I am really tired of your games. I want to forget you but do I really want to? I don't know. I am really confuse.

This heart; it hurts and I don't want it to hurt anymore. Please let me hold to every memories there is between us. Every bits and pieces... everything....

Make her happy my dear for you had chosen her. I will slowly fade away from your side. And when I did, please don't call me like that day in the wee hours of the night. Please don't tell me you miss me. I will just break down and cry cause I know you will try to forget everything the next day. I know that and it hurts me more....
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