Sunday, September 06, 2009
Weekend - 05/09 &06/09
No messages. No calls. I didn't ask for this.

Thanks for giving me a big hint. The answers to all my questions. Don't think that I am a fool. Life had taught me a lot of things. To be careful. Even before you gave me that hint, I already knew it. I won't disturb you. No worries. Though you told me that I never disturb you even when you are very busy at work. You are really at sweet nothings. That question when you asked if I prefer you or him to miss me; I really dunno what to say. To me, I rather nobody miss me. Missing someone hurts. Loving someone hurts too. And therefore, I always hide it and make sure I don't fall deeper. It is easier to forget that way.

You will always be my friend. A friend that I don't trust. You had said sorry when we first knew each other and now it is my turn to say sorry at the end of it.

As you know, I hate liars.
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