Thursday, June 18, 2009
Being Sick and Tired
I am sick. Maybe due to extreme tiredness. Thought I can rest today but I need to send him to get his singpass. Why must it be me who send him? I am sick alright. Well, that's my job maybe. Drank lots of mineral water all the time. 2 bottles within 2 hours. Teh-o teh-o and more teh-o... not been drinking coffee. Hate coffee when I am sick.

She had made up her mind to forget him totally and as much as possible to avoid him but why is it that she has to meet him when she just about to forget him? She wants to move on with her life but why can't she? Tied up with work and her kid. There is just no way... just no other way....

All she wants right now is for peace in her mind and her everyday life.....
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