Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Confusion occured
What is the meaning of love and hate?

I really dunno.

What had I learnt in life?

Reality aren't fairytales.

What are the difference between hate, dislike, dun like dat much and irks?

The thing I am really sure about is dat I am feeling all these things right now. I really feel like talking to a fren but at the same time I dun feel like talking to anyone. If I were to call her, she might be with him and if I were to call him, he might be with her though I know my frens are more than willing to have me calling them wen I'm bored but I still nid to spare a thot of the other party dun I?

Haiz... I do feel lonely at times. I still cry at nite. Why do I need to feel all these? Isn't dat life isn't fair to me but maybe I am not fair to my life. I had ill treat it. My heart had ill treat my life. If anything else were to be blame, it will be my heart and my brain and my ear are not going to listen to them anymore.

Burying myself with work and dun wanna think of anything else.
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