Friday, November 07, 2008
My beloved cousin whom I called 'abang' since am small; was admitted to the hospital today. I can't concentrate on what my sister said on the phone. My brain only captures the word 'abang' and 'icu'. My mind, my brain, my heart froze. My whole body trembles. I am only waiting to collapse any moment. I had tired myself out mentally and physically. I am the one who is hurting myself due to someone. I am just putting on a brave front. But whoeva sees what's in me, I think they will be shock.

What am I hoping for now? Nothing. Luckily there is my daughter to cheer me up everyday. She is growing up fast. I dun care whether he cares or not. All I care is money coming in until I am stable.

I dunno if I should go to '...........' to ask for advice. I am just finding time to go there and find the person though. The place is so near yet so far.

Meanwhile, I pray hard that abang will recover and out of ICU... I love you abang....more than you realise...... my cousin.......
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