Saturday, January 19, 2008
As much as I hate you...
We were young and naive then. We dunno what we shld do weneva we are hurt or gotten angry. All we noe is to have our revenge and let the other party have a taste of wat we feel. For three consecutive years, we gone thru everything together. Maybe... I am stupid enuf to let other girls humiliate me cos of u. But y did I do all dat? It's becos my feeling is true. How shld I take it wen u leave me for another? Wen I forgive you everytime u made a mistake and you can't forgive me once? Until now, nobody noes wat really happen to us. People had been assuming dat I am the one who leaves you for another. Within juz three months, u married another. How am i suppose to take it and without thinking much, after wat ur wife did to me, I can't take it anymore and so I curse both of you on not to have an easy life and dat something else will hurt you more than how I felt at dat point of time.

However, I did not curse the innocent boy. He deserves to live. All this while, I had not forgotten abt you. So, I prayed to god to help me let go of my hatred for you. When I noe wat had happened, I can't help but feeling sad. I really can't help but cry. Your wife might deserve it for negligence but you do not deserve it. I felt sorry for you. I have the urge to visit but I can't. I just can't. I dunno how to face ur family although I noe your parents do not blame me but I just can't. When I saw ur picture in the newspaper, it reminds me of the past. Of how sad you are wen the doctor announce abt my sickness.

F, as much as I hate you, I emphatise with you. And now I am sure there is no hatred left in me. And all I want right now, is for you to be happy. Biarlah dia pergi. Mungkin tuhan lebih menyayangi dia. Selepas ini, yan takkan ingat padamu lagi. Kau telah merasa lebih apa yg ku minta kau rasa dan aku minta maaf atas segala-galanya. Kuatkan lah dirimu dan berdoalah kepada yg esa semoga roh anakmu dicucuri rahmat sentiasa. Amin.
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