Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Updates on my LIFE!!!
Went to Malaysia on the second week of this month and was suppose to spend only a nite at KL but end up spending another nite at Malacca. Haha... It had been a fruitful trip as I bought many many things for the 'new person'. Ghairah gitu kan... hehe...

Hubby had been understanding and supportive. Though he is tired from his work, he still came back and massage me. I had been restless. Got sleepless nite but had been sleeping all day. Mum and Dad said dat is common and Dad told me to sleep weneva I can so that at least I can still rest.

Frankly speaking, I prefer working than staying at home. At the very least I can help out financially especially when I have responsibilities now. I can't rely on my husband alone. It is difficult for him though he dun mind doing it for us.

Okay!!! Dats it for now... feeling hungry again but I dunno wat to eat. I cooked curry chicken today but I dun feel like eating that. Hmm.... let me think for a while then...
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