Sunday, January 28, 2007
To a person I once called my good friend...
My friend,
I would like to wish you a happy birthday. You must be shock that I still remember your birthday after all these years as we had not contacted each other anymore. I had live with the fact that you are no longer my friend. You betrayed me, humiliate me and insult me. How can I still call u my friend when that is not a job of a friend but a foe. However, I had never regard you as a foe. 'That' question still playing in my mind but if we were to meet again. I would not want to know the answer as I believe you would had explain it to me last time if you had treasured this friendship of ours. But you had take things for granted instead. Yes. I am sad to lose a friend like you but what am I suppose to do? Beg for your friendship? I dun think so. I had let you go as I am confident that you will be back to this friend of yours.

But you never did.

I move on with life and I am sure that you won't be here with me anymore. I will remember you as a person that I had once called my good friend. If 'she' never enter your life; do you think we will still be friends? Cos I dun think so. Allah had it written that our friendship is till there and I believe he had his reasons for separating us. However, you will be remembered but if we bound to meet again. I beg you. Please don't acknowledge me. I had put you in my past and I am not turning back.

Happy Birthday R-------!
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