Friday, November 17, 2006
What the 'F' now?!!!
She stepped out of the house as she still have respects for 'her'. She do not want to show her disrespectful in front of 'him' but when she returned and thot of saying sorry, she got a scolding again. When she is at the doorstep of heaven, they dun even bother about her. She struggles for her life and only her mum was there. The rest just look at her and went to their room. She even heard her dad says that she is a burden when she is angry. She is but a human being who have feelings. She felt embarrassed to be scolded in front of 'him' but nobody bothers. When she went down to calm her mind, he went down; not to console her, not to cry with her, but to scold her. She felt sick and lousy enuf. She cried the whole night. Everybody hates her. Everybody despise her. She wonder why God never take her away when she is in the brink of death. He might just as well take her life away so that she won't be a burden to anyone and so that nobody will be angry with her again and that HE save her from the embarrassment given to her. But nobody bothers. NOBODY!

Don't say that you bothers about others when you don't even ask how is their day and don't say that you care when you are not there to give them a listening ear when they are angry, when you make her feels worse when she is lousy enuf, when you don't console her when she is sad.

Your feeling is BULL SHIT!!!!!!!11
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