Thursday, November 02, 2006
Sadly to say...
They had a great time together. Everytime they meet is like heaven to the girl. She loves him a lot but what happen the day before? Nobody knows. Even the girl is confuse. The handphone rang a message. He was shock. His face change. She felt something not right but still she wants to respect her privacy and she do not want to spoil the moments. She treasured every moments they are together. But her feelings? She still can't deny it. He only read it when the girl went to the toilet.
It rang again for the second time. She ask him who message him and he said it was his colleague asking if he is working tomorrow. When they are going off, he read the second message. As usual, she wants to read it with him but for the first time, he quickly face his back towards the girl with a shock face. He don't allow her to read. She felt like asking but she knows there is no point in asking.

He told her he want to go clubbing on Saturday. She hates it but what can she say? Stop him from going? What can she do? Beg him not to go? Tell him that her parents won't like it? She prayed to God to help her go through this tough moments. She is but a girl. A girl that lacks everything. Why is it so difficult for her to have a taste of happiness?

God, please help me. I know it is difficult to change a person. Therefore, I am asking for your help to just let me go through this difficult moments with patience. Help me to guide him. Help me to change him. Before I closed my eyes; before my times is up; help me see that he will be a true muslim.... That is the only wish I afford to have. Only you can help me and only you can give us guidance. Please....
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