Friday, October 13, 2006
World Trade Centre
Juz came back from a movie. Watch 'World Trade Centre' with my darling Chrisz, his cousins and his one of their wife-to-be. It is quite a sad show. Showing real footage. At first, when I watch it, I nearly regret cause the pain of watching people jumping down is still there. However, at the end of the story, I learnt something. About friendships between fellow colleagues. About not taking your loved ones for granted. Always tell them that you love them before it is too late. Talk to your spouse before you leave the house everyday cause if something were to happen to you, you will miss everything about them. Live your day like it is your last. Make full use of every moments. My dear friends, I love all of you. To my family, I will never stop loving you. To my beloved future fiance, you are my world, my life and I love you for being you and nobody else. I love all you people!!!
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