Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Her, You and Me
Her + You + Me...
Is this how it's going to stay?
I'm tired of being the third wheel
I feel like I'm in your way.

Everytime You come around
You act so nice to me.
And then once you know she's around
You suddenly want to leave.

You say you don't like her that much,
but you really have me fooled.
I know you don't want to hurt her feelings
but I think it's time for you to choose!

I know it's wrong for me to act this way
because I know she is your Girl!
But don't you know I like you alot
and to me, you mean the world!

Am I wrong for messing with you
While you were with her at the same time?
As much as she wanted you for her
I want you for mine!

He r+ You + Me
Is really starting to bug me out!
Why did I get involed with you
when I knew Ya were going out
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