Monday, September 04, 2006
Life as it is...
She was hoping to meet him everyday, every hour, every minute and every second though she knew that it was impossible. She must live with the fact that he is married and that the relationship was never meant to be. Though the love they had was deeper than what others thought. The love they had is pure and sincere but why aren't they together? Oh... there is 'her' in his life. She envy 'her' for having him but what can she do? She can only watch from a far. Though they meet in the day but at the end of the road, there will still be 'her' waiting. She wants him for herself but fate and destiny played them out. They are not fated to be together. At the end of each day, she cried at the thought of her love one sleeping with someone else but she can do nothing. Nothing at all. He dun even know this. She dun have the right to tell him. She dun have the right to argue with him and so..... she just keep quiet; swallow everything that life had given her. She hates herself even more. If only it is not love that she felt............

Turning to you,
with my heart open wide
I shuffle to think of ways not to hurt your pride.

Breaking up with you seemed so easy.
It's like you didn't even care,
But I thought I was your baby.

Probably just another affair.

We used to have nights filled with passion
but recently
it's all turned to lies and deception.

You said you'd leave your wife,
but "it wasn't the right time."

It seems as if
that with every kiss there came another promise.
And with every promise broken there came another gift.

Breaking up with you seemed so very easy.
I just don't understand.
How can love fade away overnight,
if there was never a one night stand?
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