Monday, August 28, 2006
The lovable people in my life

Everybody knows
Friends come and go,
But family is there
To love and care.

When life gets you down,
Just listen to the sound
Of your Mother's sweet voice
Filled with love and rejoice.

When you need to be kept in line,
There comes a time
When your Father comes along
To teach you right from wrong.

When you need some advice
And you need it precise,
Your Sister is there
To listen and share.

When you get scared,
No need to be prepared.
Your brother appears
And rescues you from your fears.

You sometimes let
Yourself forget
The family that is there
And how they are so rare.

So please remember,
Families are forever.
You don't know how long.
You'll have 'em till they're gone.

I tried to write a poem for you but no words came into my mind. I wanna find the sweetest words that could best describe our love but indeed our love is the most sweetest of all. Having you to love me is like a dream comes true. I had waited a long time for this day in my life. To be with a person whom I love. As a friend, you had always been there for me. Though we had never met, you had always been the first person I think about when I wake up and the last person when I went to sleep. I still remember when we lost contact last time, I cried cos I thot I could never hear your voice again. Those three miserable weeks had been hell to me but you appeared again. However at that point of time, I was attached. You ask me why I never wait for you. But how was I to know that you will come back? How was I to know that we are fated to be together? I really dunno. When I found out that you had a girlfriend, I was sad but happy for you. I thot you had made the right choice and told you to get married as soon as possible. You told me that you are unsure and was still thinking. When both of us broke off with our partner, I really had no intention to find another so soon. I am content that you are my friend. However, everything changed. You ask me to be with you and be happy together. Frankly speaking, I am really happy by what you had actually asked me and without thinking much, I accepted you. Though you are not the same religion as I am, you wanna convert not because of me but cos you love my religion and you believe in Allah. That is important to me. I dunno when our loves really starts but I do know that I love you since I know you. I hope this love last and I am really happy that you treat me good and really care about me. Having you as my boyfriend, I am glad. You are the greatest boyfriend I ever had. As about being my future fiance, I really dunno how to comment on that. You had treated like one. Mr Lee, you are my everything.

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