Tuesday, August 15, 2006
A few days ago..........
I went to watch fireworks last Saturday with my friends. C suppose to follow me but had to be called to work by his officer. So ended up only us gals went. The fireworks on dat day was by Team France. Nice. Splendid but would have even much better if C was there.
Of all days, of all years and of all people! I met my ex. He was with his wife and son. I was glad that I had forgotten about him and that my life had really moved on now. So, on dat day, I did not feel a thing. It had been years and I really thought about it. I can't hold on to my past and live with the memories. I had been crying for years but it had stopped. And only after these tears had gone, god let meet up; maybe for the last time. I am happy that he had a happy family. God, let them lead a happy life just like how he wanted his life to be....
Before the fireworks starts, he msg me. He told me to be with him now that I had broken off with my bf. He told me to be with him and be happy together. I was shock. I thought all these while that he told me about his love and stuffs, I just listen to them without thinking much. When he told me that he was serious about being with me, I thought for a while. He is a good guy. Long before I noe him... he had wanted to convert to a Muslim. So, i am sure that he dun convert just because he wants to marry a Muslim. He even told me that he believes in Allah, our god. I am really touched. It is difficult enough finding a Muslim guy to think about Allah and suddenly this guy came and believe in HIM. He told me he regrets losing his hp last time thus is the reason why we had lost contact over the months. He kept on saying... if we had not lost contact... we had become an item. I really dunno about his feelings last time as he is the mischievous guy but he is really nice and romantic. A very romantic guy. Needless to say that he was borned on valentine's day... hehe.... We'll see how everything goes and if it is true that he wants to get engage next year. He'll be converting end of this year so getting engage next year isn't a bad idea. However, rite now, I need to save money for my cousin's wedding and give money to my parents. Just hope everything will run smoothly for me. God! Please bless us!!!
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