Saturday, August 12, 2006
I always read from somewhere. They told me that if you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is meant to be yours but if it don't, it was never yours to begin with.
So far, i really dunno if these phrase is real. I let go of everybody including my frens and only a few came back. However, I am glad cause the person whom I really wish would come back to me... really do came back. Thanks. Although I told you that there should not be the word 'thanks' between us but i need to tell u dat. I treasure our friendships more than ever. And I would never ever want to lose you. People may mistook us for couple but we are only friends. You are there when I need you and that is why I have to be there when you need me. You told me I'll make a good girlfren and you envy me. Little do you know that you make a good boyfren yourself. You understand me. Thanks. Thank You so much.
M, i kept every advice of yours. I find it sincere and unpretentious. You really do care for me and dun wanna feel hurt just like how my family dun wanna me be hurt. Thanks for being there for me. You are like a darling sister. Needless to say that you are the same age as my sis. M, I really do hope that you will find your happiness soon too. Just like how you want me to find my happiness. And if I really have to wait for ............ , I think I will wait cause I can see the happiness there. That is where my happiness lies. I never realise that my happiness is actually in front of me. Why did I look so far away that I overlooked .......... Thanks darling for everything
F, everything had changed. Little did you realise that you had changed too? The more I noe you, the less you noe me. You dun understand me and you want everything your way. I suffocate. I need my own space just like I had given your space. Given chances after chances but what do I get? You did not trust me. You do not have faith in me. Needless to say that you dun understand the 'English' words i said and NOW you dun even understand my malay language! You expect me to understand your language which was suppose to be our language which is Malay. Hey! Look here! I understand Malay. It is just dat if I speak in English, dun expect me to translate for you cause I am very bad in translation. And btw, I do have DISTINCTIONS for my MALAY LANGUAGE okay! Why I speak mostly english is because I need to communicate english with my frens and colleagues and my clients and even suppliers! But when Im at home, i speak Malay to my mum and to everybody. Of course there will be a bit of English here and there but mostly are malay okay! So live with it! I do not change. It is just that you JUST realise my characterand thot I've changed. Duh!!! Boy... let me advise you here..... LIVE WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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