Saturday, July 22, 2006
Missing them!!!!!
OK!!!! Admit defeat!!!! I can't live without my parents! My granny stays here with her maid and just now in the early morning while I'm in the living room and her maid in the kitchen (doing 'dunno wat'), my granny fall down in the room. Initially I thought that 'something' drop but when I ask the maid and look at her face, I remembered my granny in the room! She was on the floor when I saw her. She just kept quiet when we ask her how she fell and which part of her body ache. She told me that she is afraid if I tell my parents. I just told her that I won't tell my parents but she must tell me which part of her body ache. Of course I will tell my parents about it but if I dun assure her just now, she won't tell me anything, rite? Luckily, she never hit her head against anything. I told her maid to look after granny and not to do other things but she wants to make soup for granny knowing that my granny need fresh home-made soup everyday. Haiz..... God, please let me survive these days until my parents came back and dun let my sickness attack me again.

P/S: Nissa!!! Saw on my sister's blog that you ajak kita gi makan!! Ajak ajak je ke?? Tak belanja sekali?? Hehe!!!!
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