Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Tiring. Can't seem to understand today. Lotsa things to do but yet not a lot of things to do. Busy but yet not busy. But definitely tired. Tired of how things were. Tired of my life. Maybe should go for another holiday but need to save money as my beloved cousin is getting married. I try to live my life everyday to the fullest but always end up doing the same thing. Rushing everything. Never did take my time. Just like how I rush to work early in the morning and rush to buy coffee just because it is just 5 minutes to 9 and I need that 5 minutes to walk to my office. Just like how I rush to read my emails and look thru the faxes so that I can get the other jobs done for the day and to make sure the deadlines are met. Just like how I rush to get back home to my family and just like how I rush typing this blog so that I can chat with my boyfriend peacefully. Just like how I rush chatting with my boyfriend so that I can sleep thru the nite and rest my body.... just like how.... just like now...
Can anyone give me a minute to be alone and dun disturb me when I need just a minute to look back at my deeds and to just look thru my life that I lead all these 22 years. There is so many things to do and so little time. My sickness dun go anywhere. It just stay by my side. It dunno the meaning of tired. When the attack comes, it just comes just like now... when I am struggling to type this blog. Just give me time to do the things I want to do without rushing. Just me and my time.....
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