Wednesday, June 21, 2006
What the ...........????!!!!!!!!
I am in my office right now with lotsa things to do but I can't help but remember the conversation that we had yesterday.

Her : Can I ask you sumthing?

Him: Yes??

Her : Why did you send the email to all my friends that day?

Him : (Silent) Oh... I am sorry. I will not do it again.

Her : (Getting frustrated) Ok but why did you do it?

Him : I was bored in the office with nothing to do. So, I send the email to all your friend.

So, now all of you see. That is the reason that he gave me. Is it logic? First question here, being bored in the office does not justify that you could send the email to all my friends. And worse still, it is WITHOUT my permission. Second question, if you are bored in the office with NOTHING to do.... I wonder why the hell you do overtime for? I understand if you have lots of things to do as I had experienced it before during my life in Francois Marine. But, having nothing to do but still overtime? And still got time to send rubbish to all my friends?? Duh!!!! What the .........................????!!!!!!! I am still angry and I am still very very angry but dun worry, I will not take it out on you as you have somebody close to me to side with you. But let me tell you this, if this volcano erupts, that is the end of everything and my mind is made up.
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