Friday, June 16, 2006
I am so angry today....

At work, my boss came back from 1 week of business trip to China. I told him how fed up I was calling this one client of ours. He never make payments and when I called him he would say, 'Oh! I dun wanna pay. Give me a detailed Statement of Account and pass me all the drawings and submissions plus all the replies from the authorities.' I did just dat and pass to him. I emailed to him saying dat I had post it to his residence but the A1 and A3 tender drawings is still in the office for collection. And this is what he replied...

Client: I am surprise that these documents is still with you. Ask somebody to courier it to me.

Me: I will send the courier man to send it to you. However, would you want us to send it to your office or your residence?

He never replied for 5 days. And so, on the 6th day, I called him and here it goes again.

Client: Hello!

Me: Mr LTH??

Client: (Silent)

Me: I am EEEE from ABC Company. I would like........(interrupted)

Client: Why you call me when I'm in the gym??!!!!!

How the hell am I suppose to know he is in the gym??? I am not his staff. He put down the phone on me yet again after saying that. Or is that a question?? Duh. And earlier today I called again in the morning despite the mean way he is giving me (buat kerja pe.... kalau buat kerja dengan ikhlas, tuhan tolong kan??). He shout at me again saying that we never give him the documents and request to meet up with my boss to work things out. My boss refused to meet him.

Another hell of a day, I receive an email which was CC to me from my boyfriend. Listen this carefully. He emailed to all my friends but CC to me. Why the hell does he need to CC to me? And who give him the permission to send to all my friends when he dunno them. My friends would think that I am the one who give him their email addresses. I am so pissed off. My cousin is one of the addressee and she is the type who is particular about email addresses and about almost everything in her life. What am I to tell her? Why can't he just do things right? And worse still.... he dunno what I am pissed off about! I am pissed off about almost everything!!! First is about he messaging me when I went back late FROM WORK. Second, he gets my family involves. Ask my sister where I am (aku tak pernah buat gitu kat orang seumur hidup aku). I dun like it when a guy gets close to my family. It just give me a question.. what's your motive?? Third... is about this email thingy.

AND HE STILL CAN ASK WHAT'S WRONG??? Is he simple minded or juz dun care at all?? Does he understand me? Does he trust me? Has he ever really knows me??

I wonder....
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