Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Aren't you my friend?
How could i ever thought it would be this soon? Aren't you're the one who said that it's not time yet to fall in love? You're the one who said that you wanna wait for me...
How could i ever thought this would be? Aren't you my friend? You're the one who said that you still care for me...
Maybe did I read too much into it? I dunno. I was thinking why are my messages not been replied? Why my calls came to nought? I was thinking.... aren't you still my friend?
All my questions suddenly got the answer. You had gotten somebody in your life. Now, I dun wanna disturb you again but I nid you to know....
There was this moment of my life that I am the happiest girl to have a good friend, a close one indeed to understand me and be there for me through thick and thin. I thank you my friend. Thank you so much.

With Regards
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