Tuesday, February 07, 2006
At work...
My superior told me that I had slackened. I realised it too since I was hospitalised. My brain refused to think. My memory is bad. I am slow. I dunno why. My superior told me that if this were to continue, she will need to find another alternative... I know she meant that she will terminate me. I need to buck up but how to when my body and organs refuse to co-operate with me?
At home...
Was alone when I went back. I thought my sis n bro-in-law had got back but turn out that they are about to go out. Sigh... Karaoke again!!! While I was happy singing... my mum spoilt the mood by nagging when she got back.. Argh!!!!!!!!!! I am so fed up!!!! Got hell at work n now this???
Went to WPSC and met my ex-colleague. Another man suddenly pat him on the back and say hi. I thot I dunno who is he until my ex-colleague told me to remember 2 years ago while we were party-ing at Brix. Then I went, 'What?! He is the friend that you introduce me to last time? Is the boy beside him is his son?!!!' And you know why I'm asking this question? Because this damn guy here told me that he is still single and he even date me out after that party nite. I hate it when people lie to me. I damn hate it!!!
On MSN...
I thot my dear darling boyfriend will cool me off after a hard day today. I am so sad and disappointed when he bombard me with questions that I had answered beforehand... I dunno why the hell did he ask me.

I am so damn tired.. sad.. disappointed and damn angry with all these people!!! Sometimes.. I just feel like killing myself and ends it all....
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