Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Pissed but Glad
I am pissed by what my ex said in friendster. He claimed that I'm the one who is making a fool out of him?! Hey! Cummon! He is the one at the first place get somebody's wife pregnant and yes I said SOMEBODY'S WIFE!! That is the number one thing that I am pissed off. Secondly, he pressured me to tell my parents that he wanna marry me. I mean yes marriage is a good thing but he didn't even have a stable job yet! He is just a NS men! And we just know each other. Don't all of u think it is just too rushing? Thirdly, he don't let me wear anything I want. He pressured me yet again to wear head scarf! He dun let me wear short skirts. Not even three-quarter skirts! It's ridiculous! He point a finger at every mistake of mine! And I just keep quiet about it and alas my migraine came back and I collapse. Oh yes... did I mention dat he called me a 'B*T*H?! And he called me that near my office area where almost everybody knows me! He gripped my arms, sprained my wrist and just said 'sorry' days later. He said that my dad is not good at all! So, all of you be the judges, is it my fault that I can't stand him anymore? Is it my fault that I ask for a break up? And I thought he let me go after the 'official' break up; he is still there...tracking my every movement. He don't let me have any friends and when I have a new friend that I add in friendster, he flare up and shout at me! Is that fair to me?!

( And let me tell you this. If he were to read this blog of mine, he will definitely deny everything cause he dun wanna let his family knows what a bad boyfriend he is...)

On the other hand, I am glad he is gone out of my life for good. If not, I wouldn't get to know my good friend now. He is really good to me. He never forget me even when he is having a good time. I am glad to find him who is willing to be a listening ear to all my problems and to share his problems as well. Chris, if you see this, I wanna tell you that you are the best friend that I have..... Love ya my friend!
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