Saturday, December 17, 2005
Missing him?
I remembered him suddenly... I do not know why. Miz him? I dun think so. I dun even noe why suddenly he appeared in my mind. He is just a friend from my former schools.. He told me dat he will be there for me thru thick and thin but I think all guys had said the same thing to me. Actually we had lost contact since he got himself a chinese girlfriend. He contact me again only when he broke off with her. It happens on dat day my good friend is leaving Singapore to further his studies and so I'll be lonely here as I dun have a lot of frens. He contacted me at the right time and he whispers sweet nothings to me as though we are in love. I dun deny dat I use to have a huge crush on him in primary school but dats over. At dat fateful year, we go to school together and go back together but only for a few days or less than a week cos when the girl is jealous, she wants him back and there goes my friendship with him. He is so close to me dat I wish the time stopped but it didn't. I missed dat friendships of ours. Whenever I see him now, I dunno whether to hate him or love him... Should I smile or dun even look at him? He had been a part of my life before though. I dun even noe if he is happy now.. I care abt him but I really hate his girlfriend.. Not b'cos she takes him away but b'cos she smirks at me as though she is the winner n had him as the trophy.. I dun even care a damn abt dat as I'm not even his girlfriend at the first place! I dunno what he had told her dat makes her shout aloud one day saying dat,'Hey Zad! U're girlfriend!'.
I was like 'WHAT!!!'. When the hell did I? I was furious but confuse at dat point of time. All my other schoolmates asked me questions dat I can't even find the answers. Until now, I dunno what the hell he said to her... Years passed and I still remember him as a close friend I once had.....
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