Monday, December 19, 2005
Wanna be MYSELF
I am so pissed off today!! I can't believe it that at last I had the courage to block and delete him from my msn.. I really can't stand his unreasonable and kiddy behaviour!! Argh!!!!!!! We had broken off so why can't he let me off and let me move on with my life? He is the one who told me that he is moving on with his life and told me to do so BUT when I had done so, he flare up. What does he think he is?! He thought he is the only one that I cared in this whole wide world? Come on! I had my family too! Loving me doesn't justify what he is doing! I had changed too much for him. I had change to a person that I'm not. I had even forgotten who I was! There was once he told me to move on with my life which I had done on the day we broke off. I wear make-up.. dress up and went out with my girlfriend. I feel so free and out of troubles! I love myself and I have confidence! I am not afraid of anything! I love that side of me dat I do not wanna change anything and rite now; from this moment on; I am myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna show to him that I am better off without him which is the TRUTH!!! YES! I am going to show the world who I really am... TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!!
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