Sunday, June 18, 2006
Trust. It is scary but you can't really live without it. You need to trust at least a person in your life. You can't go on without trusting anybody. Maybe you trust yourself. But what happen when even that trust is gone?
When I was small, I used to trust everybody. When I know the real world, I trust only certain people including my family. One by one the trust is gone. They betray me. I can't even trust myself.
One day, the trust is back. I trust myself and my family. Then came this one guy that makes me wonder if I could trust even my family members. I couldn't trust anybody and since this is the way to be. I will not trust anybody. It hurt so much when the person you trust most is about to betray you. It really hurt.

P/S: You might not know why the photo is torn and that I had cried so much when nobody is at home. You dunno anything so dun assume or listen to him. What you did can make me hate him.
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