Thursday, June 22, 2006
Really tired of EVERYTHING
I wonder why do I keep on standing again when I had fall for so many times. I wonder if all the lessons that I had learnt from my life will hurt me more. Will I fall again this time? I really hope not. I love my job at last though it can be quite stressful at times but every work is like dat. So, I have no complains about my job. I wanna save enough money to see me through whatever courses I wanna take. Or even to travel. My only wish is to travel alone or with my friends and get the taste of 'real' freedom. I do not really have any complains about my life. A simple life like mine is not worth complaining for.

But my love????? Haiz..................

I wonder if I am cursed. I wonder if I ever find any happiness. I am really tired of complaining. Really really tired. I am tired for almost everything. I just don't understand why I am still standing. I am shocked to see that I am strong myself. I am able to accept things and I am able to just keep quiet and bottle up everything although this is not me. Am I being an introvert? I dunno. I just talk to the people that I feel like talking and I just shut off the people that I do not wanna talk to. Is this me? The answer is a definite NO. But why am I like this? I dunno. Maybe I am just tired of everything that is around me. Let just nature takes it course. If it is meant to be for me.... it will be but if it is not.... then I will let it be. I had always fight for my happiness but this time round, I am not to. I just leave to THE ONE. Hopefully my prayers will all be answered. Insya'allah.
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