Saturday, July 08, 2006
Loving you
It's difficult to actually express this feeling of mine. Many things happened without me realising it. Dear, I love you and I will always will but there is always things that come into my life unexpectedly. Beyond my control to actually control it. There is always things that test my patience and tolerance. Sometimes, I am scared to even breathe. These people wanna come into my life when I dun allow it. I am a firm person and I know what I want. I am an individual who stick to my decision but I am only human and there is always things that I can't handle myself. I am glad I found you who loves me. A person who give me a chance to love again. A person who give me hope in my everyday life. Thanks dear for everything. I love you. I really really do.
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Titiks, born on 1st July, gainfully employed in an architech firm. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad but hey, I'm only human!
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