Sunday, June 25, 2006
JB trip
Went to JB today with my family minus my bro-in-law who is working overtime and my aunt,uncle, cuzzie and my aunt sister. Thought I saw one of my secondary schoolmate but I am not sure if it is really him or not. He surely looks like him but the girl whom he is with doesn't look like his girlfriend. So, is it him???
Can't really trust all these guys. They walk with their girlfriends but still look at other girls. The rest who don't look at girls might be the 'hands and legs in the stomach (kaki tangan dalam perut)' type. So, I am really not sure.
Went to buy contact lens in Toa Payoh after that and I think the salesgirl just wanna 'eat' our money. Makes my heart boil talking about the two bitches. Can't stand them. Duh!!!!!! And I thought I saw my ex schoolmate again! Sabri! I think he saw me but he just look through me as though I'm not there! It's been years since I last saw him! Does he remembers me? I wonder.... :(
Nwae! It is 4 days more to my trip to KL!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I can't wait to go there. I miss my boyfriend sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see him! I love him..... :)
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