Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Whenever I am sad, stress, angry or even happy, you are one of the person that came to my mind. There was once in my life that you were there by my side through thick and thin. Although you were never really there to help me but you support me from behind. You are my friends once in my life. We used to say, 'Friends Forever'. As we grow up, you change. I change. We change. Made new friends and forget the old. But, I never once did that. I remember every single one of you. Do you remember our classmate, Huang Liying? I still remember her and she left us 13 years ago. I never forget my friends. All of you lives in my heart.
As I grow up to who I am right now, I still make friends and least did I realise I found a person who resembles you in character and the resemblance can't be differ when that person left me too just like how you do not want to be-friend me. Just because I have a boyfriend. Is it time to lead our own life without friends? I really dunno.
My friend, if you know that I am talking about you, I wanna apologise for all the things I did for you. For all the time that we wasted together understanding our friendships from primary to secondary schools. My friend, I shall remember you until the day I die for you are the one who 'dirtied' our friendships and made me lost my trust. For you are the one who hurt me the most. I can't believe that you could make me feel like this for you are JUST A FRIEND...
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