Sunday, July 16, 2006
Belated Birthday
Abg N Kak Maya
The present
Nice wrap!
My cuzzie treat me to a belated dinner with his wife-to-be (wtb) and his sister. We went to Seoul Garden and I was actually 1/2 hour late. Ouch! He asked me to take my time and so I did but how was I suppose to know that the damn bus and the mrt are taking their own sweet time too! Duh!! Cett!!! Bucuk punya olang! And so I thot it was just dinner but when we went to the car, Kak Maya actually gave me this present wrapped in a pink wrapper with a red ribbon!!!! My fav colour!!!!!! So Sweet!!!!!! And when I opened it, it was a shawl!!! I love the colour and I love shawl!!!!!! Haiz..... i really love it!! Now.... when am I going to where it????? Hehe!!!
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