Friday, July 14, 2006
Him: Hello
Her: Am I dreaming?
Him: Haha! No u r not.
Her: C......!!!!!!!!!!
Him: Yea, its me C.....
Her: How r u?
Him: Fine. U?
Her: Never been worse. And that is my fav phrase since last time (even when things are better! Serious!)
Him: Haha.
Her: U r not with the police? So, watcha doing now?
Him: Still with the police.
Her: Oh.

Five minutes later.

Him: How are u and bf?
Her: Like dat lor. U?
Him: Same. So, when getting married?
Her: Still a long way to go la! U?
Him: Dunno yet.
Her: Time to get married.
Him: Yea. C how........

And the messages stops between two friends that never meets. Close once but not close now. She will remembers him. Maybe forever. It felt like dreaming but its not. And she needs to realise both of them are taken. Feelings are never meant to be told since they are like strangers. Never recognize each other in public and maybe would never. This is a conversational message between two friends that was once close. It is just conversations...............
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