Monday, July 17, 2006
3rd Blog
Ok Ok!!! This my third blog of the day and it is around the same time. I had off this computer and go to bed but I can't sleep thinking about things that had been a nuisance in my mind. I am sick and tired of everything. People just can't seem to see me happy when I spend time with my family or alone. They want me to be happy when I'm with them. But, can't they see the problem here? I am not an unhappy person. If you make me happy, I will be happy but you did not. Questions my every move. Questions things that I had told about such as I am talking to my brother and you ask.... oh you're talking to your brother. Is dat a question? Girls and Guys! Believe me.... it is a question to somebody!!!!! And I think for me writing this blog is to hear some ENCOURAGING WORDS from all of you so that I can still go thru my life instead of bombarding with more questions and being sarcastic. When I thot I can love life as it is, people is just not happy about it. But when I began to hate life, they are good to me. I can live without some people in my life but there is some that I can't just forget about. Thinking about how my life gonna be.... I can't help but cry. This is my blog and people read it and not happy about me being happy. And so, I need to write my previous blog telling the whole world that I am not happy. I dun think that's right. I ask my sister to do me a blog so that I can write what I think instead of people telling me what I should think or what I should write. People may appear innocent but they are not INNOCENT as you think they are. These 'innocent' people is the one who hurt me. They are pretentious. Crying for sympathy but they shed crocodile tears and others believe them. Who would believe me? A girl who knew how to tell lies at a very young age but do people do change for the better. Why can't they believe me instead of believing people that they just knew?
When I am hurt years ago, I thot nothing else could hurt me more than it is. People refused to listen to what I'm thinking; to my daily problem; to how I feel. They care but just refused to listen. What will life means to me without my family? Meaningless..............
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