Thursday, August 17, 2006
I was woken up in the middle of night by the message tone of my hp. When I read it, I was in shock. There is this message which said, 'Let's get engage in feb or march nx year'. I asked him... for how long n why the sudden decision? He told me that he wanna marry me when he is 28 years old and it had been my wish since last time to get married at the age of 24. He told me that he will take care of me and enjoy every moment that we share. He told me that he will convert in November/December. He even had thought of a name for himself. Aeron Faris Lee. He wants to send a representative to my house in October to ask for my hand in marriage. I am happy but will it be a shock to my family? I had not introduce him to my family yet. I do not know how to. Seriously, I am afraid of losing him. Even as a friend, he had understand me well enough. I had known him long before I knew my ex. It is not because of him that I broke off with my ex. When I broken off with him, I never thought of having another relationship but it just happened.

The problem between me and my ex had been there since the start of our relationship. I told him that we will come across having communication problems but he is stubborn and told me that there won't be. He will try to understand me as how I understand him. Right now, I can even read his mind but he can't. I can even predict what he is going to say next but he can't. I know nobody is perfect and I dun mind dat as long as he is perfect in my eyes but dat was initially. He wasn't as perfect as before. He pointed a finger on my every moves. He knows how to rebel. Dun mention about monetary issues. That's worse. However, we are still friends. I will still treat him as a friend if he knows how to respect a friend.

I never had a dream come true but what happened now is like a dream. It is very hard to believe it. I still remember my secondary school... my primary school... the courses that I took and everything. However, I never get my wishes fulfilled thoroughly. Suddenly came this guy who wants to make my dream comes true. Should I let go of him? I dun think so. Why should I let go of my happiness? But I really dunno how to break the news to my family that he is sending a representatives to ask for my hand in marriage?? Headaches.....
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