Monday, August 21, 2006
All about Him
I dunno if it is a sense of insecurity. For the first time, he called me during lunch. I was very happy when he called but when I went back a bit late juz now due to the bus, he questioned me. He nvr asked me before and he keep on saying that if a gal nvr appreciates what he did, nasty and betray him, he will hate her for life. But I never did that. I love him. I really do. I am afraid to lose him even as a friend. It had been my greatest fear since I know him last year. There were many times where we lost contact. I cried every times that happens. I do not want to lose him. Being a very closed friend once even before we meet each other, I know his character. Even as a friend, if he is sad or unhappy, I will noe. Everything starts from yesterday when my group of friends talking about my favourite videoclip from Rihanna titled 'Unfaithful'. One of them actually blurt out, 'Yea it is juz like you... being unfaithful'. I noe she meant about my past but Chrisz dun like it. I mean who will like it when sumone said that your girlfriend is unfaithful. He knows I love him and there is solid trust between us and he dun like it wen people calls me unfaithful. Even if my friends dun like him, I dun care. At the end of the day, we (me and him) are the ones who will be happy and we can't wait for that day to happen; after he convert. Insya'allah. With Allah to guide us to the right path and give us his blessings. I am really happy to be with him.
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