Saturday, August 19, 2006
Nervous Freak
We talk until about 2 plus in the morning. About my previous course, job, and lastly our engagement. I request for his mum to come to our engagement if she us gives her blessings. She is a roman catholic. I dunno if she can accept me for I had never met her. He told me to rest assured that he will bring me to meet his mum next month. I'm a bit kind of nervous.

L told me that there is no word of love in our conversations. I dunno how to answer him. He is nice to me. In fact, very nice. He is a perfect guy who can make a perfect husband but the only thing that I need to realise is that he is ...................... What if we met earlier? What will happen? Will things change? I never want to lose any of my frens. I treasure each and every one of them. But if one day, he told me that he needs to go, maybe I will have to let him go but the memories will forever remains for he is my dear friend and I never meant to lose him in this life. Though I smiled and laugh, people knows that I can forgive but I will never forget. And the day that I knew he lied still hurts me still. I dunno that it affects me so much. I thot that wound isn't that deep but to hurt until now.... i think it is deeper than I thot it is....

Life is something we all have to go through.
We never know how it is for someone else,
Until we see it through their point of view.
To some, life seems like it's never fair.
They always feel there's no one out
There to care.

To others, life is just a good time,
With no worries and never having to spend
A dime.
But the truth is we all fall down and
It's the getting back up that really counts.

We live and we learn so we can be there for
The next person?s turn.
Life is tough for everyone.
We never really get a break until
Everything's said and done.

So if you ever feel alone, please don't be
Afraid just call me up on the phone.
I'll always be here for you until our lives on
This earth are through.
From then on, we will have eternity
Together and we'll be living forever in unity.
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