Friday, August 18, 2006
I never meant to keep it a secret. However, this is the first time in my life that I felt shy about telling people and that includes my family members. Yes Yes Yes!!! This is ME feeling SHY!!!!!!! I know that it is happy thing to share but once bitten twice shy. The engagement was our plan and had not been told to my parents. It was his plan actually. I am a bit scared if anybody objects. I do not want to lose him even as a fren. He is very dear to me besides M, P and L.

I really hope I can go through these part of my life smoothly and be with my loved ones. My life had been full of unnecessary things that I went thru. It is definitely time for me to be happy.

Will I be really happy??? God, please give me the answers....

Would you ever hold the night
With just a single hand?
Would you ever let me go,
And make me understand?

Would you ever kiss me softly,
As if that kiss meant good-bye?
Would you hold me, oh so closely,
If I was to start to cry?

Would the tears I cried for you
Make you feel my pain?
Or would you not care for me one bit,
And my hurt would be in vain?

Would a simple question,
Remain unanswered?
Or if you were asked who you love,
Would I be your answer?

Would you keep your word
Of being always together?
Or would this lonely life of mine
Last forever?
If I told you I felt sad
Would you come be by my side?
If I was to get you mad,
Would it hurt you deep inside?

Don't ever tell me you don't care
Because I just know that isn't true.
If your heart decided to love someone,
...Would I be the one for you?
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