Thursday, August 24, 2006
What am I suppose to feel?
Suppose to meet Iphilia and Mag today but Iphilia got problem and can't join us. So, my beloved boyfriend followed me to meet Mag at Dome, Bishan. I really miss Iphilia. It's been almost two months. Haiz.... My boyfriend bring me to Best Denki and we look at computers, laptops and refrigerators (???). At first I was thinking maybe he just want to take a look then he talk about 'our' future home. And he ask if I would mind putting aircon in 'our' room. I was like, 'huh? what?'. Hehe...... He can't stop talking about our future. Our engagement plans and the time when we live together, happily married. I think he really heed his friend's advise to plan our marriage early as it is a lifetime commitment. And he keep on saying that he will be a strict father and there will be a time where we will have to stop all our nonsense. We just think alike. He is very understanding and respect my life, my job and most importantly he say 'sorry' when he mean it. He would never say sorry if he dun mean it and surprisingly, i respect dat. I love him and I will always pray that life will go smoothly for him and may he overcome all his problems. I love u dear...

Of course, we do have our bad times and I dun agree with you but I need to respect you as how u ever respect me. I can't believe what happen just now. For the first time, we actually argued but its ok. I know you loves me and that you are faithful to me. I trust you. Maybe.... just maybe.... my feelings are never meant to be told and for the first time..... I'm a bit hurt but its ok... its really ok.... no relationship is smooth sailing n maybe we understand each other more. Dear, whatever you do, I will support you as a fren, girlfren and as your future fiancee. I appreciate it that you are honest with me even though I never said it before. I appreciate every bit that you did for me. However..... I am just a human being who is not n never perfect. I had put my happiness in your hand. Please take care of it......
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