Monday, August 28, 2006
The lovable people in my life 2

It is hard at times to put on a smile,
Though the soul feels a great uplift even for a little while,
For such devotion in a friendship never ending?
In every living day is a new beginning.

Friends hear the unspoken words of grief,
In disguise friends steal that hurt as if a thief.
In an instant a friend would do a favor,
That?s why this friendship will always be, forever.

A friend is more than just friend,
Forever shall friends be, till the end?
This bond of friendship, no one could ever take away,
Through unhappy moments, or even in dismay.

How fortunate could a person be,
To have such caring friends who always have a key
To open the doors of happiness and love;
It could only be a gift from up above...

Sincerity from a friend to a friend
Is a friendship that never will end.
Friends are always there to comfort friends in times of need,
Facing the troubled lives where the heart bleeds.

Simple talk can innovate more than its meaning,
Expressing further understanding of what one is feeling.
Those words were not harsh, nor were they kind,
Though they were the truth, where the eyes remained blind.

The existence of such friendship shall never be tarnished,
It will be treasured and always be cherished;
Kind words hinder torn and aching heart,
Through broken times of pain in hope will part.

Timeless moments when the eyes fell into tears,
Coping with the lonely darkness where in the mind are fears.
Always will there be a friend with an extended hand,
Reaching out, pulling friends back to stand.

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