Friday, September 01, 2006
Treasure Everything
Talk about the past had made us treasure each other more in every way. How he regret losing his handphone and how I regret not waiting for him. We nearly lost each other but we are fated to be together. I thank Allah for his existence in my life. I still remember when I had a boyfriend last time and Chris came back to me. I told him that I was happy with my boyfriend and so he told me that it will be our last chat and he let me listen to the song sung by Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting. I cried cause I thot his feelings are never serious. How was I to know he loves me too? My love had never been reciprocate. Even if it does, it will be out of pity. But he is different. We do not wanna lose each other. We treasure everything between us. I can accept everything about him. Everything. I love him and I believe that he is for me. I am very glad that my family can accept him. We are waiting for our engagement day and can't stop talking about it. Keep on repeating every words and never grows tired of it. I love him and am glad that I am with him and insya'allah... we will be very happy together. God bless us....
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