Sunday, September 10, 2006
Thank You Sayang....
Everything is too good to be true. I had my dream guy and everything else are peaceful. My life is peaceful at last. Not as much worries as before and I am very happy. Thanks sayang for everything. You had been there for me. I know you dun have much time even for yourself and that is why this thanks. You tried to spent your weekend with me that you did not even have enough sleep. I am touched but worried that you'll be very tired. I always told you in our messages that I love you and I dun wanna lose you. You told me not to say that again cos we are getting engaged and that I will never lose you. Sayang, from the bottom of my heart, I love you so much Christopher Lee...

The eyes that captivates me...
When you said I love you
Like the first time we met
That can't be true...
When your eyes look at me...
When your body against me...
When your lips pressed to mine...
We stop dancing and go to our own world
Dun care about the onlookers
Dun care about the music
We are in our own wonderland
The kisses are passionate
The hugs are warm and secure
Never let go of my hands
We dance to the rythym
You take care of me
You love me
No promises made but our love had made it all happen

To my dear Chrisz.... I love you sayang and I will always love you dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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